Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Travel Guides

This time of year, as the gray days of winter drag on, many of us think about traveling to other places. Right about now, I would love to spend a week in a warm tropical haven, soaking up some sun and eating exotic foods, just to get through until Spring. If you are planning a vacation for this winter or anytime of year, you will probably find our travel guides useful. If you haven't found the guides in the library yet, they are all in the non-fiction section between 914 and 919. One of my jobs is to try to keep our collection of these guides current, and it's not always easy. You can help by letting me know what guides you would like to see in the collection. Do you find a particular publisher's guides to be more useful than others? Is there a location that we don't have guides to that you would like to see added or are there guides that should be updated? It's not possible to include every new travel guide in our collection, but with your help, I think we can make it useful to all of you world travelers out there, and to those of us who just like to dream about traveling one day.

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