Wednesday, January 23, 2008

February in the Kramer Gallery

“The Season’s of Belfast” by Debbie Flood in the Kramer Gallery for February.

“The Season’s of Belfast” Belfast artist Debbie Flood is a collection of watercolor paintings that all have a common theme: Belfast in its different seasons. Seasons from long ago are depicted through the Belfast’s past series, seasons from now and the past in Debbie’s life are depicted through images of her children at play on the shore at the Belfast City park, sliding in the snow at their grandmother’s Belfast home, steamers from a summer day, picnicking with family, and star fish caught in tidal pools. Fall scenes that reflect something that has been lost, but found again in the full circle of life. All the paintings in this exhibit encircle the theme of nature and the seasons of our lives in Belfast. The exhibit will be on display in the Kramer Gallery of the Belfast Free Library February 4th through March 3rd 2008.
To find out more about Debbie Flood go to her website at

Watercolor: "Brooding on the Shore"

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